I am a clinical social worker with over five years of experience as an existential psychotherapist with influences of Buddhism in my practice.

I graduated from Hunter College School of Social Work in 2009 and have since then been refining my practice to include elements of Western psychology with elements of existential psychology and Zen Buddhism into my work. My strongest influences as a therapist include Carl Rogers, John Welwood, Carl Jung, Mark Epstein, Brad Warner, Noah Levine, Irvin Yalom and Rollo May. 

My first specialty is working with adults and couples who are feeling spiritual discontentment with their lives. Also because there are so few therapists of color, I fully welcome anyone from that community. I also have a passion working with teenagers, as I have a strong connection with that age group. 

Please contact me at (347) 927-4856 or email me at atsheringlcsw@gmail.com to set up a free phone consultation today.